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Are You At Risk? - Learn About The HALO Breast Cancer Test

A simple 5-minute test can help you take control of your breast health.

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The HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test gives doctors and patients a new method to monitor breast cancer risk, quickly and easily. All women are at risk for developing breast cancer. Unfortunately, by the time a woman can actually feel the lump, the disease is no longer in its earliest, most treatable stage.

Like the cervical Cytological Evaluation test, HALO can detect abnormal cells years before a larger, potentially cancerous lesion might develop. This simple, noninvasive 5-minute test is the key to better outcomes through early detection.

Halo Healthcare is a small woman-run company passionate about ending breast cancer. The Company's Halo Breast Test is used to determine if a woman is at high risk for developing breast cancer, and is not a replacement for breast exams and mammograms. The Halo Breast Cytological Evaluation Test is FDA cleared for the collection of nipple aspirate fluid for cytological evaluation. Halo is not a diagnostic test and it cannot be used to exclude breast cancer. Halo is a risk assessment test meaning that it helps physicians stratify a woman's risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Halo literature clearly states "it is important to continue with routine mammograms and breast exams." Over twenty years of scientific literature supports data that shows the presence of atypical cells from nipple aspirate fluid increases a woman's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. A woman found to be at higher risk, along with her physician, should develop an appropriate care path that will include mammography as a standard of care.

Halo Healthcare has always positioned its breast test as a risk assessment test and an adjunct to mammography and not as a standalone or diagnostic test for breast cancer. Halo Healthcare takes measures to be fully compliant with FDA regulations, and is periodically reviewed by the FDA to assure compliance.





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